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Download keygen for vReveal Premium v3.2.0.13029

vReveal - the program is designed to improve the quality of non-professional video taken by mobile phones, digital cameras and other handheld devices. vReveal uses tools to stabilize, brighten and sharpen flawed videos. The program also enhances the detail of low-resolution video and eliminates noise.
The new product is aimed at the consumer market, so we can assume that it will be easy enough to use. In the process of improving the video modification will be subjected to his every shot. This means that the processing of long movie could take a long time. The developers claim that their product has enough "intelligence" to ignore frames that do not need to be rectified. vReveal does not claim to be a complete set of tools for editing (although offers some basic editing capabilities, materials), and complements existing applications.
Using the Nvidia Cuda technology to realize the power of parallel computing on GPU, vReveal quickly eliminates jitter, darkness, noise and blurring in consumer video. The program is able to clean the noise, eliminate shaking, enlighten, enhance contrast, to increase the intensity. There are function 2xResolution, which aims to improve the resolution of video, but only if the original does not exceed 288 pixels vertically.
The software product VReveal designed to relieve the stress from the eyes of lovers of video, which can not always be viewed in the qualitative form. With VReveal can achieve good quality even on "bad" videos downloaded from network interference, or DVD with a pirate recording. The program does not require much experience and user skills. Video processing of poor quality VReveal happens automatically according to preliminary user settings, which suggests to introduce, by the way, the program itself.