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Download keygen for ASTUTE DrawScribe Designer 1.4.1 Plugin for Illustrator

Introducing DrawScribe the next major development from Astute Graphics! The perfect addition to VectorScribe and Phantasm CS, DrawScribe helps you to focus on the creative aspect of the drawing process in Adobe Illustrator. Specifically designed to improve your vector design workflow, DrawScribe takes the jobs you do day in and day out, and just like all the other plugins that have been brought to you by Astute Graphics, it makes them so much easier.
Tested by users from all over the industry, from experienced designers, right through to novice users, DrawScribe has proven that it can increase your productivity to such an extent that you'll save up to 30% of your time during the initial drawing process.
If you're an experienced Illustrator user, DrawScribe provides you with a range of intuitive functions to gain more freedom and improve your creative workflow. If you're just starting out, it will significantly improve your experience with Illustrator because it frees you up to concentrate on the creation of your artwork.