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Download keygen for iGO primo R3

iGO primo - a leading OEM product range navigation systems iGO, which combines the simplicity and ease of use with the latest technological advances in functionality. Nesmotrya that an order of magnitude improved functional software, redesigned menu, new skins and voice support , iGO remain easily accessible to use navigation system. With an intuitive interface and fast response, one or two clicks on the screen and the gadget will allow access to all of the many functions of the application, it is not distracted from the road.
The key features
Intuitive user interface
Navigation for Trucks
Guaranteed latest map updates
Communication Functions
Intuitive features
Fast and mobile resource management
HD 3D visualization
Intuitive functions
Avoiding congestion (Congestion detour)
Alternative routing in real time (Real-time route alternatives)
Tips on deviation from the route (Hints upon detour)
Parking near your destination (Parking around destination)
HD visualization relief (High Definition Terrain)
Additional imaging (Additional Visualization Highlights)
The Breadcrumb Trail
Intelligent keyboard (Smart Keyboard)
Intelligent Smart History
Spot Addressing (Point Addressing)
Visual Navigation (Picture Navigation)
Advanced Search Options (Additional Search Highlights)
Logging speeds (Historical speed)
Environmental route (Green Routing)
Focus on time (Time Sense)
Fast scheduling (Quick Planning)
Alternatives routes in real time (Real route alternatives)
Additional routing (Additional Routing Highlights)
Additional features
Profiles for drivers
Opportunities for open areas (Outdoor Features)
Application (Application suite)
Localization (Localization)
Navigate to the truck (Truck Navigation)
SLAPI 1.2 for fleet
User database Speedcams
Branding and customization (Branding and customization)
Other possible applications (Miscellaneous Application Features)
The term intuitive GPS-navigation meant that the navigation system will guess the user preferences and suggest the right solutions in the automatic mode.
- Objects, models of the urban environment and the digital elevation terrain in 3D
- Realistic display interchanges
- Warning about speed control cameras
- Select a greener route
- The function of speech synthesis
The assembly includes:
branding R3 (Truck icons and signs)
Content is not! only:
- Basemap Eurasia V3 2006 CGIAR (28.05.2009). Dem
Cards are laid out separately!
Maps Navteq NQ 2012.Q3_121103 Truck Europe in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
The product allows for more than twenty parameters affecting the movement of freight transport: weight limits on stretches of road, speed limits, traffic signs and action requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods. POI for trucks (Truck_POI)
- Ph (to the correct pronunciation of names)
- Hsp (movement data)
- Ftr (information for trucks)
- Fda (driver warning)
- Fpa (house numbers)
- Fsp (displayed in the archive traffic data and software accounted for routing)
- Hnr (acceleration calculation)
Compatible version of the card: IGO 8.3 and above (IGO My Way, IGO Primo), iGO v9.6.1 Becker Active 50
Coverage Area: Europe in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
System requirements:
WinCE 4.2/5.0/6.0
64 MB RAM (128 recommended),
400 + MHz ARM 9/11 CPU, WQVGA
Screen resolution: 480x272
List of maps: