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The new version of 3D-editor unusual Groboto. Compared to other programs to work with three-dimensional graphics Groboto distinguished by the fact that there is a simple set of tools for modeling, with which you can quickly create organic models, as well as abstract forms. Working in the program, the designer can use any bitmap image to create textures, in this case, the correct texture mapping on the object and there is no "seams" will take care of the program itself. In GroBoto have the means to create the environment - the fog effect, color gradients and a generator to create stars of the sky. Visualization GroBoto takes much less time than in other applications for 3D-modeling.
In an era of unchallenged dominion graphics package category of "all in one" does not abate interest in compact applications that perform specific tasks faster and more effective generic counterparts. Pretty original design called GroBoto - one of them.
Work Meets Meyer Mother Nature - a vivid example of the algorithms in action GroBoto
Inheritance of product developed by artists of Braid Art Labs - creating unique in design of bulk forms. Program algorithms generate not only the usual architectural eye, but also a very rare organic and even completely unique surreal elements, which are then considered to be finished image or included in a large-scale composition.