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Download keygen for SmartDeblur 1.27

SmartDeblur - Russian developer of software to fix blurry and fuzzy pictures using various deconvolution algorithms or "deconvolution". Including SmartDeblur improves clarity of defocused images, eliminate blur caused by camera shake, and to remove the effect of the so-called Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur).
The program has a simple and functional interface to a set of "sliders" to adjust the image settings. The development of the program's features are in the process of its operation. Just upload the picture you want, move a few sliders and evaluate the proposed result. Utility boasts exceptional performance, all the changes made by the user are displayed in real time. In a separate menu, you can select the type of defect, and one of the three available deconvolution algorithms (Wiener, Tikhonov and Total Variation).
Simple, intuitive interface
High speed. Image processing 2048 * 1500 pixels takes about 300ms mode Preview (when moving the sliders settings) and 1.5 seconds in the finishing mode (when released sliders settings).
Selection of parameters in Real-time mode. No need to press Preview, everything is done automatically, you need only move the sliders settings distortion
All the processing is for the image at full resolution. Ie no small preview window and buttons Apply.
Support recovery of blurred and defocused images
Ability to adjust the type of PSF
Major changes in version 1.27:
Added two deconvolution method: TV prior and filtering by Tikhonov
Added support for restoring a Gaussian blur
Improved speed (approximately 2.5 times)
Reduced memory consumption (approximately 1.5 times)
The maximum size of the processed image by default 3000 (but can be changed in the settings)
Added settings section
Added Updates Checker
Supports Drag & Drop
Added Help Screen with example images and tips on setting up
Fixed bug with rippling mode preview ..
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