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Download keygen for VSTi Dash Signature: EVE EVE 2 daAlfa2k EMM Knagalis Combo Sister daHornet PS-1 The Abstract Guitar

VSTi Dash Signature: EVE, EVE 2, daAlfa2k, EMM Knagalis, Combo Sister, daHornet, PS-1, The Abstract Guitar
1.Combo Sister v1.40 Features:
2 oscillators banks:
Transistor "enriched sine wave" sound (for "Hammond imitator" electric organs).
Transistor square wave (for buzzer combo!).
Extra Bass oscillators bank for 16 'and 8' ranks.
6 drawstops - 16 '5 1/3', 8 ', 4', 2 2/3 ', 2'.
4 timbre stops - Add (no filter), String, Reed, Flute.
Percussion: switch (special amplitude envelope).
Sustain: switch (long release).
Tremolo: with Rate and Depth knobs.
Vibrato: with Rate and Depth knobs.
Booster: smooth analogue saturator with switch and distortion amount knob.
Transistor: knob for electric click and analogue noisiness amount.
Soft: tone smoother knob.
Extra controls:
Master Fine Tune: - + 50 cents.
Max Voices Polyphony selection: 2 to 16 voices.
MIDI Velocity sensitivity switch.
Render Quality switch.
Help on-line with MIDI CC # map by the option menu.
The coolest presets ready to play.
3D retro graphic interface.