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Download keygen for IK Multimedia - Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition 1.1 VSTi.RTAS.AU PC.MAC

IK Multimedia - Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition 1.1 VSTi.RTAS.AU PC.MAC x86
Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition (VSTi / RTAS / AU PC / Mac) - a professional orchestral VSTi-tool from the company IK Multimedia. The program contains 250 orchestral samples, based on a collection of sounds totaling 1.5 Gb, recorded Miroslav Vitousom (Miroslav Vitous) in the Concert Hall of the Dvorak Symphony Hall. According to IK Multimedia, this made the instrument sound more natural and juicy.
Features of the tool:
- Architecture offers 16 multi-timbral parts, with full control over the tempo and applying sound
- All the tools can be easily found in structured folders browser window
- Supports the ability to insert up to 4 effects
- 20 ready classically-oriented effects for creative project
- Ability to create the effect of a handwritten
- MIDI-management settings and zone editing
- 256-voice polyphony
IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality acquired the Miroslav Orchestral Sample Library, including the complete legendary Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection, as well as a vast unreleased high resolution archive of orchestral and vocal samples. Miroslav Philharmonik is a powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation plug-in combining the Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection masterpieces with a dedicated plug-in instrument specifically tailored toward classical sounds and arrangements.