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Download keygen for Men of War: Assault Squad. Game of the Year Edition v2.05.15

Independent addition to the famous military history strategies. Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm is a standalone addition to the military history of the strategy. The new game of the famous series of her fans to take part in the biggest battles of WWII, commanding the troops of the USSR, the USA, Germany or Japan. In addition to multiplayer modes familiar from previous projects, the attention of the players offered new versions of the battles, including those designed to play in the team. In the battles players will be able not only to command an army, but by controlling the tank, destroy enemy's fortifications, or by acting as a simple infantryman, to cover the retreat of comrades with a gun in his hand, that allows to feel the atmosphere of wartime.
Features: Historically accurate embodiment of the era and features of each of the parties to the conflict. In the bloody battles of the player will support the heroes whose unique abilities (for example, increased firepower and the strengthening of morality) will turn the tide of battle, even in seemingly hopeless situations. Special features, such as the use of tankettes with bombs by remote control or special types of attacks, will take many tactical decisions. With its advanced artificial intelligence, even one and the same mission each time have to perform differently. A wide selection of regions of warfare - Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Pacific. Ability to play four on the local network, participate in online battles, as well as a team to fight against the computer. New maps for multiplayer and additional features to customize the game. Due to processing the balance of network games use equipment and military equipment has become more realistic. Improved artillery lets you apply new strategies for attack and defense. Believable ballistics and new equipment. Ingredients Game of the Year Edition: Men of War: Assault Squad, the digital version of the game in Steam MP Supply Pack Alpha MP Supply Pack Bravo MP Supply Pack Charlie Skirmish Pack Skirmish Pack 2 Features: -The basis is taken from RG Gamers Announced -Do not cut | Do not recoded Version of the game v2.05.15 -Installation time ~ 15 minutes -Author Repack'a: {AVG} [R.G ReCoding] Changelog v2.05.15: General Added new 3d Model gun shell Added new 3d Model 20cm shell Added new 3d Model 30cm shell Added new 3d Model 203mm shell Added new 3d Model kamikaze body armor Added new 3d Model axe Added new 3d Model crow bar Added new 3d Model cord wood Added new 3d Model camoflage kit Changed flamers to be less vulnerable to fire Changed Russian tanks to have same burn engine specs like all other factions Increased SMG accuracy slightly Increased accuracy of quad .50 cal Increased health damage of SMGs slightly Increased health damage of pistols slightly Increased HE effeciency of 25pdr Increased HE effeciency of medium artillery slightly Reduced HMG sandbags resistance to HE Reduced accuracy of mguns slightly Reduced accuracy of small arms slightly behind cover Removed locking of firing distance from SMGs Removed locking of firing distance from tank guns Fixed Goliath inventory Fixed wrong avoidance settings Fixed some visuals of the German flame canister Fixed inventory size of 105mm shells Fixed a bug that AT-rifles were more accurate in prone than in cover Fixed environment wind settings Multiplayer Changed timers of half-tracks to equal heavy machine guns Changed timer of Bazooka Willys from 4 to 5min Increased CP of KV-1 from 15 CP to 30 CP Increased price of M3 Half-track from 125 MP to 150 MP Increased price of IS-2 from 1500 MP to 1600 MP Increased price of KV-1 from 525 MP to 550 MP Increased price of KV-85 from 900 MP to 950 MP Increased price of Pak 40 from 400 MP to 420 MP Increased price of BM-8-24 from 5 SP to 6 SP Increased price of PAK 43 from 5 SP to 6 SP Reduced price of Greyhound from 280 MP to 260 MP Reduced price of Churchill AVRE from 7 SP to 6 SP Reduced CP of Archer from 15 CP to 10 CP Removed timers from heavy AA guns System requirements: v Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / 7 v Processor: Intel Pentium IV processor with a clock speed of 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3000 + v Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP) v Video: Video card with 128 MB memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0c, with support for Shader 3.0 v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible v Hard disk space: 5 GB of free hard disk space + 1 GB for swap file