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Download keygen for Driver: San Francisco v1.0.04.1114

Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D / 3rd Person
Over the sunny San Francisco hung a terrible threat posed by the mysterious and cunning criminal Charles Jericho. Confront this villain is capable of only one man named John Tanner, who in his life has traveled the road hundreds of cities and the imprisonment of a whole army of thugs of all stripes. However, the win in a fight with Jericho is not so simple. John, going in search of his new enemy, well aware that the mission may be his last. But he is not one of those who are accustomed to retreat. The enemy, whatever it was strong and cunning, can not escape from such an experienced stalker. Especially because Tanner has the skills to perfection of extreme driving cars.
"Playing in the movies. Experience the excitement of car chases indomitable! Spectacular slip, long skids, sharp turns and high speed maneuvering in heavy traffic vehicles: Driver: San Francisco" on entertainment is not inferior to the best kinoblokbasterov. Behind the wheel of each of the more than hundreds of licensed cars you feel like a hero of a Hollywood blockbuster.
"The endless hunt. Become the protagonist extremely topical stories! Your hero - Detective Tanner, relentlessly pursuing the well-known mafia Jericho. Believe me, he has personal reasons for hatred. He has to survive in this mad race to San Francisco and take revenge.
"The car - one a detective. Miraculously, having survived a terrible car accident after Tanner has found a unique ability to Shift, which allows instantaneous travel from one machine to another. Instantly change your car during the chase in a more rapid, robust and powerful. It is not excluded that even you can take control of enemy vehicles.
"Oh, dear! You open more than two hundred kilometers of roads gorgeous San Francisco. You will pass over the bridge, "Golden Gate" and see all the sights and the famous beauty of this magnificent city. Moving from one machine to another, you can look at the metropolis with a variety of angles.
"Mad traffic. Compete with other drivers in the nineteen dynamic multiplayer modes! Shift function lets you time in the right place. Play with friends over a network or on a split screen.
"And more. Write down your most spectacular races and chases, edit videos and share them with friends. Test your driving skills in trials of twenty and eighty, "calls" on the streets. Well, cheer up and boost the new achievements of more than sixty songs of popular artists, as well as original theme Driver.
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