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Download keygen for Orange Tree Samples Evolution Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings

Steel Strings, the acoustic guitar sample library that will change your perception of what is possible for MIDI-based guitar simulation.
Evolution Acoustic Guitar
- Steel Strings presents a breakthrough in sampled acoustic guitar. No other acoustic guitar sample library or virtual instrument has achieved the same level of realism. From single notes to chord strums, Evolution Acoustic Guitar - Steel Strings uses a combination of sampling, scripting, and physical modeling-based principles to bring you an astonishingly easy to play KONTAKT 4 sample library with results so realistic they can be used in final productions with confidence.
Key Features:
Evolution Acoustic Guitar - Steel Strings features an iconic, Martin D16R steel string acoustic guitar recorded in stereo with top-notch mics and preamps in 24-bit, 48 khz for the best tone and fidelity possible. While most acoustic guitar sample libraries are sampled using only one mic, we used stereo micing, for a more natural tone, and also adjustable stereo width. The superior construction of the guitar used resulted in minimal buzzing on even the hardest hit notes.
Features include:
- Both fingered and picked articulations totaling 6.5 GB of uncompressed samples.
- Extensive scripting from the Evolution guitar engine, makes for an intuitive, instant playable library from either or a MIDI keyboard or when sequencing.
- Individually sampled strings, powered by a performance modeled string/fret selection engine.
- A proprietary resonance engine for unparalleled organic realism from a sample library.
- 4x alternating samples to avoid the machine gun effect when repeating notes.
- A unique monophonic/polyphonic hybrid. Play legato lead lines or chordal parts in a single patch.
- Alternate tunings that not only change the range of the instrument, but also realistically alter the tone of individual strings.
- Legato articulations, including slides.
Due to the extensive scripting, this sample library is available in KONTAKT 4+ format only. The sample library requires the full retail version of KONTAKT, so it is not compatible with the free KONTAKT Player.
Note for Mac OS users: Due to a bug in Kontakt 5, Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry is subject to persistent crashing in Mac OS DAWs such as ProTools, Logic Pro, and Digital Performer. However, it will work fine in Kontakt 4 in those DAWs.