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Download keygen for IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced 7

IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced 7 + Lotus Forms Viewer 3.5.1
IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced Version 7 is IBM's premier business process modeling and analysis tool for business users.It offers process modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities to help business users understand, document, and deploy business processes for continuous improvement.
Business modeling features
Robust functions for business process analysis as well as modeling capabilities for business processes, enterprises, essential data, artifacts, organizations, resources, timetables and locations. Allows users to make informed decisions before deployment through advanced simulation capabilities based on modeled and actual data.
Integrated industry content helps business users jumpstart solution development
Accelerates process optimization by allowing users to visualize and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes.
Enables subject matter experts to share models and collaborate to translate business intent into process models using a Web browser with WebSphere Business Compass
Provides an embedded KPI library in WebSphere Business Modeler to simplify business process modeling. The library contains over 800 open-standard key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the APQC Process Classification Frameworks (PCF).
More integration ease
Provides enhanced integration with the IBM BPM Suite and WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition through role-based business spaces, a unified end user interface that integrates BPM content for a holistic management of business processes.
Model and deploy your business processes to IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric, IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM FileNet Business Process Manager and IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow.
Export models to the IBM WebSphere Integration Developer tooling environment by generating service component architecture (SCA) components, modules and task execution language (TEL) for human tasks, and business rules.
Supports import of template-based Microsoft Excel XML content and file formats including Visio and delimited text.
Integrates with reporting tools such as Microsoft Word or PDF files.
Integrates with an asset repository for storing and traceability of BPM assets, swimlane modeling, Visio import, ability to import Excel XML files, support for Six Sigma and Lean Sigma efforts, and version control integration with Rational ClearCase.