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Wolfram Mathematica - a program that is a symbolic mathematics package. A huge number of developers of embedded features, and an open environment, allowing the package to complement their own extensions makes it possible truly limitless. Mathematica has a high speed and virtually unlimited computational accuracy, which allows her to work as a very powerful computers, and not very powerful personal computers. Often, the main competitors package called Maple, MathCAD and MatLab. Mathematica contains many functions for analytic transformation and for numerical calculations. In addition, the program supports graphics and sound, including the construction of two-and three-dimensional graphics functions to draw arbitrary geometric shapes, import and export of images and sound.
Opportunities Mathematica:
"The solution of systems of polynomial and trigonometric equations and inequalities
"The solution of the recurrence equations
"Simplification of expressions
"Finding the limits
"Integration and differentiation of functions
"Finding the finite and infinite sums and products
"The solution of differential equations and partial differential equations
"Fourier and Laplace and Z-transform
"The transformation function in a Taylor series, Taylor series with the operation of addition, multiplication, composition, functions, and receive feedback, etc.
"The calculation of values of functions, including special, with arbitrary precision
"The solution of systems of equations
"Integration and differentiation
"Finding the sums and products
"Polynomial interpolation function of an arbitrary number of arguments on a set of known values
"The definition of a prime number by a sequence number, determine the number of primes not exceeding a given
"Discrete Fourier transform
"Expansion of the number of primes, find the GCD and LCM
"Matrix operations: addition, multiplication, finding the back of the matrix multiplication by a vector, the resulting determinant
Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors
"Descriptionting functions, including parametric curves and surfaces
"Construction of geometrical shapes: polygons, circles, rectangles, etc.
"Play a sound, whose graph is given by an analytic function or a set of points
"Import and export graphics in many raster and vector formats, and audio
"Building and manipulating graphs