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SpaceClaim, the leading provider of 3D Direct Modeling software, develops the best and fastest direct modeling solution for engineering design and manufacturing. SpaceClaims acclaimed software is easy to learn and use and is completely CAD-neutral. It enables engineers and other manufacturing professionals to rapidly create new designs or manipulate and edit existing 2D and 3D geometry, without the complexity of traditional CAD. Customers include Toyota Motor Corporation, Nokia Siemens Networks, Bosch, TE Connectivity, BorgWarner, Medtronic, Lotus Cars, Sharp, Ford Motor Company, LG Electronics, Eaton, K2 Medical Systems, FuelCell Energy, Emhart Glass, GE Aviation, Carl Zeiss, General Dynamics, and the U.S. Navy. SpaceClaim is privately held and backed by Borealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, and Needham Capital.
What's New in SpaceClaim 2012+
SpaceClaim 2012+ introduces significant new capabilities for manufacturing, simulation, concept development, and mesh remodeling. These enhancements will help all engineers work more effectively in 3D, without the high cost and complexity of traditional CAD. These new capabilities have revolutionized modern mechanical design by providing an easy-to-use and affordable way for engineers and product teams to create, modify, repair, and enhance 3D CAD geometry, without compromising existing processes and methods.
SpaceClaim 2012+ Enhancements
SharePoint is now directly supported from the SpaceClaim user interface for data management
A direct connection to Mastercam is available
A direct connection to Esprit is now available
User Interface
Sketch guides are now at the bottom of the graphics window
Tool guides are now displayed on the left side of the graphics window
More options are available to control zoom and spin settings
Tooltips provide context-sensitive help on SpaceClaim settings
New options control whether hidden faces get selected during box select
A new button has been added to rotate between box, lasso, and paint selection
The de-select behavior is different for box, lasso, and paint selection
New languages supported by SpaceClaim include Czech, Polish, and Portuguese
Performance improvements editing parts that contain many internal holes
SpaceClaim geometry loads about 30% faster
Radial move eases editing of radial patterns
Local slicing minimizes the amount of the model that is affected by a split operation
The move tool can now be driven by Cartesian (XYZ) coordinate entry
Curve intersections may now be filled similar to how fill operates on solids and surfaces
Curve endpoint may now be filled similar to edges of surfaces
Sketch fillets now snap to points
Mass properties may be calculated on planar faces and a
loop of section curves in Cross Section mode
Mesh Remodeling
Smart selection of curved regions
Plane, axes, and cylinders may be fit to a mesh selection
Cross section curves may be fit to meshes with tolerances
Meshes may be split by plane
Paint and area select now work on meshes
The deviation tool now compares meshes to solid geometry
Pull up to now fits rounds and chamfers to meshes
Sticky up to mode allows fast repetitive snapping from solid to mesh
Planes may now be created in the window view pane to ease tracking mesh data
Broken views are now a supported view type
Broken out sections are now a supported view type
Weld symbols are a new type of annotation
Foreshortened radii dimensions are now possible
Semantic datum symbols
Medium line weight is a new default
Sheet Metal
Conical bends are now supported
Hems now include additional options
Walls may now be simultaneously created in different directions
More options for miters are possible
Joggled walls may now be rotated
Long joggles are now supported
Formed bends may now be unfolded
Formed geometry is now possible on bends
Default bend tables may be set in the options panel
Fill now removes a corner relief
ANSYS Interoperability Enhancements
Groups may now be exploded into multiple groups
Enclosure faces are updated associatively
Enclosures are now automatically updated when modified from Workbench
Other enhancements and bug fixes