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Download keygen for HDClone 4.2.2

HDClone Free Edition 4.2.2 is a Windows software solution designed to back up, clone, copy or restore disks and partitions, providing an easy to use interface to make the whole process safer and faster.
Truth is, this isn't the best interface we've seen, but it may come in handy to beginners because it has been developed as a wizard, so you just need to follow some steps to get the job done.
HDClone Free Edition can back up, recover and clone disks and partitions, relying on a long list of features to help your in this regard.
Backing up for example can be done extremely easy because HDClone Free Edition saves the data as a disk image, with options such as password protection, data encryption and RAW image creation.
All tasks take a while because HDClone Free Edition transfers the whole data from one drive to another, so make sure you have the time before starting a new job. Plus, don't forget to close the running applications, it's better to stay on the safe side and avoid any potential errors.
There is no settings or configuration screen, so beginners should need just a minute or two to figure out how to use the program, while a help file provides basic information on the built-in features.
The good thing about HDClone Free Edition is that it works relatively fast, but more options that could be aimed at experienced users are a must. Plus, the free edition lets you juggle only with a few tools, so you may be forced to pay for a license an upgrade the app.
Overall however, HDClone Free Edition is quite an interesting solution for all those who struggle to manage their disks and partitions, especially given the fact that it offers free tools to backup and restore data.