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Download keygen for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 NTSCU XBOX360-NGRP

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 NTSCU XBOX360-NGRP
Genre: Mech Hack&Slash
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 combines the devastating power of the mobile suit, the rich legacy of the anime Gundam universe, and the furious tactical action gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series. For the first time, engage in melee battles against colossal enemies such as the Psycho Gundam who can quickly reconfigure their bodies into titanic mobile fortresses. Prepare to head off into the furthest reaches of space and wage war against legions of enemy mobile suits.
An Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) pilot who calls himself Quattro Bajeena infiltrates the space colony known as Gryps, the headquarters of the Earth Federation's dreaded Titans taskforce. Confirming that the Titans are developing new Gundam Mk II mobile suits, Quattro and his comrades capture some of the machines and then return to the AEUG flagship, Argama. They are accompanied by a young civilian named Kamille Bidan, a talented pilot with strong newtype potential and no love for the Titans. Evading the pursuing Titans and their allies in the regular Federation Forces, the Argama makes its way to the moon, where the rebels receive new weapons and supplies from their sponsors. After capturing several Federation warships, the AEUG gathers its forces for its first major offensive - a massive mobile suit attack on the Titans' terrestrial supply base, the underground fortress of Jaburo in South America.
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, like its predecessor, is a hack and slash tactical action game based on several different anime within the popular and long-lived Gundam series. Action in these anime, and thus within Gundam 2, is based around combat that utilizes in-game mechanized mobile suits and the player's ability to pilot them in combat against hordes of similarly equipped enemies. The goal in this combat is to level up your chosen character and suit by doing enough damage against the low level enemies you face, and wherever possible, the huge boss character/mechs that are associated with the particular level you find yourself on. Gundam mobile suits feature laser swords, guns, as well as propulsion mechanisms, together which can be used in a few varieties of standard and charging attacks, as well as attacks designed to knock out all enemies within a certain range by charging a power gauge before acting. As you would expect, successful attacks against bosses require much more work and precision, and in many cases rapid input of button prompts flashed during combat.
Multiple Play Modes
Gundam 2 also provides players with a few different play mode options. 'Official mode' is a default campaign where players attempt to level up characters by playing through existing plot lines from the various anime subject matter. In this mode you can choose to play from either the good, or evil side of things, but the characters are set. 'Mission mode' on the other hand allows players to mix characters and scenarios from the Gundam universe and associate them in different ways for different outcomes. Missions here are divided into several different categories, with completion of missions unlocking further play opportunities and classes of mobile suits. 'Library mode' provides players with background information on all the pilots, mobile suits and battle ships in the game. Lastly 'Versus mode' via Xbox LIVE allows players to compete against each other in three online campaigns.
Key Game Features
Combines the fast-paced excitement and epic, cinematic action of the Dynasty Warriors gameplay with the rich storylines and characters of the Gundam universe.
More mobile suits, plus stories featuring mecha from the latest Gundam series, including Char's Counter Attack and more.
Play as any of your favorite Gundam characters and mobile suits.
Engage in melee battles against the massive Psyco Gundam, which can quickly reconfigure their bodies into titanic mobile fortresses.
Customize your mobile suit with mecha parts collected during battle.
2-player local co-op multiplayer and online versus multiplayer support via Xbox LIVE.
Xbox LIVE achievements support.