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Download keygen for Asterix Mega Madness-DEVIANCE

Asterix Mega Madness-DEVIANCE
Genre: Various
AsterixMega Madness for the PC is one of the best party games to be releasedfor the platform in a long time. Using the popular characters from theGaul fighting comic books, Asterix Mega Madness is a collection ofmini-games that are played one after another. If you are quick and smartenough you just might be able to beat that elusive top score.
Forexample the first game puts you in charge of a catapult on thefrontlines. You must fire your catapult at three different targets. Youmust determine the correct angle and distance while avoiding the enemyshots. The time limit is strict, so if you want a good score you willhave to fire fast.
Another game is an eating competition. The four ofyou are sat at a table as food comes streaming down, when it reachesyou are presented with joystick movements that you must copy, thequicker the better. To add an element of strategy to the game, certainmeals are worth more than others are. You can swipe these off yourcompetitors, but watch out for them pulling the same tricks on you.
Overall,Asterix Mega Madness is full of small fun games that will keep you andyour friend entertained. Especially, if you constantly beat each otherstop scores. Who will be the best << less