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Download keygen for Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (2011/MULTi2/Steam-Rip by R.G. Gamers) Upd 08.12.2012
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
The horror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. Holiday vacation turned into something terrible. Tropical island filled with chaos after the mysterious appearance of crowds of zombies. The only chance to survive - is to fight to death to find a way off this island, where you simply cut off from the rest of the world.
Dead Island combines action with a first-person with special attention to the close battle, your characters develop and improve many types of weapons. The game takes place under a veil of dark stories, created under the influence of classic films about zombies, which will amaze you with their bold strokes and addictive action pass that, in addition, you can with your friends in cooperative mode that supports simultaneous game 4 people.
The action takes place in the open for the movement of a tropical island, where hordes of rotting zombies await players around every corner while they are trying to perform a series of exciting missions during his holiday vacation. With small stocks of weapons and equipment, the player must rely on the correct handling of the melee weapons in dynamic battles with hordes of zombies to protect themselves. A variety of accessories to help turn an ordinary gun into a tool of mass destruction.
In addition to topical action that will satisfy even the most experienced lover of zombies, Dead Island contains elements of role-playing games that allow players to promote one of the characters on his way, learning new skills and fresh tactics during the adventure in dangerous places on the island. In addition, at any time the player can connect up to 3 other players and join the ongoing struggle with well-developed plot and co-op play.
With entirely new engine, Chrome Engine 5, which was created by Dead Island, the game uses all the latest developments developer Techland, allowing players to enjoy the unprecedented beauty of the island, lush forests and well developed city streets.
Relive the horror of the invasion of zombies on a beautiful tropical island.
Get off face to face in a hot melee with your flesh hungry dead.
Complete freedom of action in the open world.
Create your own weapons from scrap materials.
RPG-leveling system with a set of experiences and skills trees.
The multilayer system damage.
NSA to 4 players.
Additional Information:
Ingredients Game of the Year Edition
Dead Island, the digital version of the game in Steam
DLC "The Ripper
DLC "Blood Bath"
DLC "Ryder White"
Versions of content
Dead Island. Game of the Year Edition (from 02/07/12)
bloodbathen.ncf - v0
bloodbathru.ncf - v1
dead island binaries.ncf - v14
dead island bloodbath.ncf - v2
dead island english.ncf - v8
dead island gamecontent.ncf - v6
dead island russian.ncf - v7
dead island ryder.ncf - v1
dead island speechru.ncf - v0
ryderen.ncf - v1
ryderru.ncf - v1
Version - 1.3.0
Steam-Rip is identical to the activated via Steam, updated to the latest version of the licensed copy of the game from Akella. The game is packed with the original structure and ncf-files.