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Download keygen for Graitec Advance Suite 2012 SP2 Update | 1.3 Gb

Cluj Arena Stadium, designed with ADVANCE Steel, nominated for the WAN Awards 2012
GRAITEC, an international developer of 3D modeling to fabrication and structural design software for the construction industry, announces the availability of SP2 for Advance Suite version 2012.
GRAITEC Advance is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system that automates the entire structural design and construction documentation process from engineering design and structural analysis to member optimization, detailing and fabrication. GRAITEC Advance provides designers and detailers with an optimal working environment with tools to create and completely carry out their construction projects: optimization of construction materials, elimination of project inconsistencies, faster study turnaround time, automatic document creation, project history and tracking, fl uid communication with project partners etc.
Historically based on the AutoCAD platform, version 2012 allows users to use their software with or without AutoCAD. In fact, the product includes its own graphics engine, and the user can select the desired CAD platform. Regardless of the selected platform, all the essential functionality of the software is retained, as well as DWG compatibility. This major change has also allowed GRAITEC to simplify the user interface by focusing on and organizing the industry specific functionality of the software and the BIM integration.
Service Pack 2 has a set of enhancements and provides the following advantages to users:
- International catalogs additions: Advance Steel libraries have been extended for profiles such as Zed and C Australian sections.
- More efficient modifications: The user can now modify all anchors in fewer clicks using the multi-edit function which now also works with anchors.
- Detailing of complex beams: Polybeams (such as beams created from polylines) can be automatically detailed with an unfold representation and the correct display of holes and bolts which are part of them.
- BOM on drawing enhancements: Service Pack 2 provides more choices to define the BOM on drawing template with new options such as creating formulas with divisions ("/").
- GRAITEC Advance manager: The tool which helps users to control all global settings and have a direct access to the databases of the software has been enhanced concerning the table editor.
- General reliability: performance and stability updates.
About GRAITEC Group.
Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is a major software developer for civil engineering offering a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system that automates the entire structural process. Used by more than 40,000 professionals worldwide, GRAITEC solutions have helped in creating outstanding projects: C?ur Defense tower, Stade de France stadium, Cairo Subway, Dusseldorf International Airport, Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, Milano Fair, etc. The GRAITEC Group has more than 260 employees working in 14 companies (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and USA). GRAITEC also manages an international network of more than 40 Value Added Resellers.
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