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Download keygen for Active Boot Disk Suite 6.5.0

Active @ Boot Disk Suite - is a fully functional operating system that is easy to burn to CD / DVD / USB. It includes a set of tools to recover lost data, reset passwords, user accounts Windows, back up your system and securely erase data beyond recovery.
The boot drive, and can even be used for computers that do not load the primary operating system.
The main functions of Active @ Boot Disk Suite:
Full access to non-downloadable computer
After loading the system files into the RAM, the disk can be retrieved from the drive
Can be booted from CD, DVD or USB drive
Ability to create a boot image from the Windows shell or DOS
Wizard to create a boot disk
Pre-selection of the image of the window Boot Disk Creator
Add additional files to an image file
Built-in tools to recover your files and data
Built-in tools for backup using the recovery discs
Create, delete and format partitions drives
Reset your Windows administrator password
Safely remove sensitive information from the disk without the possibility of recovery
Utility monitoring the temperature and SMART attributes of a hard disk
Built-in: the client terminal, Web browser, Telnet and FTP clients
Built-in Paint, Notepad, WordPad, Calculator, Process Manager, Registry Editor, HEX editor, etc.
Built-in tool to defragment hard drives
Network access via TCP / IP, network configurator is included
Writing data to CD / DVD discs
File management: review of directories, search, copy and move files and folders
Support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS + EFS file systems
Supports advanced search of deleted files
Supports all types of Flash memory cards
Supports localized and long file names
Supports compressed, encrypted and fragmented files on NTFS
Supports IDE / ATA / SCSI drives
What's new:
Boot Disk Creator:
can create password protection boot disks
can pre-configure Network Settings (Static IP, etc ..)
Boot Disk Utilities:
Virtual Keyboard added
3 Games added
FilePreview component added (for Partition & File Recovery)
Boot Disk Software updated to:
Disk Image 5.3.1
KillDisk 7.0
Disk Editor 2.1 (Advanced Search & NTFS templates)