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Download keygen for Solid PDF Tools 7.3 build 2038

Solid PDF Tools - one of the great tools for creating and converting PDF documents. Allows you to convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word, scan documents into PDF/A-1b adding a text layer. Proivzodit Convert existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable format retention ISO 19005-1. Lets you create documents format PDF/A-1b, compatible with standard ISO 19005-1. Provides the user with a convenient way to create PDF files from any document format with a custom WYSIWYG interface. This program has all the features that help you create and convert PDF documents. The program interface is multilingual.
"Convert selected tables or images from a PDF. Create tables in Word or Excel or image files
"Convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word
"Convert tables from your PDF files to Micrsoft Excel
"Quality Conversions
"The ability to choose how to handle headers and footers
"Form fields are recognized and converted into text Microsoft Word
"The ability to convert text from your every angle
"Convert PDF to Word from Windows Explorer with one click
"Convert scanned documents into TIFF files to searchable PDF/A-1b
"Scanning documents into a format PDF/A-1b
"Create a text layer
"Convert existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable format retention ISO 19005-1
"Testing for ISO 19005-1 compliance for existing PDF documents and repair common issues
"Easily create PDF files from any document format
"The ability to simultaneously work with multiple PDF documents for page
"You can use different images and files to create a new watermark
"Combining multiple documents into a single PDF file
"The ability to rearrange pages and share pages between PDF documents
"Extract pages from a PDF document into one or more newly created PDF files
"A quick search on multiple documents
"By using batch conversion palettes in the UI or command line mode
"Create PDF files from any Windows application
"Ban view, print, copy, or add comments to the password
"Use encryption 128-bit RC4 or AES
"Restricting access to a PDF document, the ban copying, printing, add comments
"Ask the title, author, subject, and keywords to search
"Create PDF files with custom pages sizes, margins and orientation
"Use our optimization parameters to create a PDF document is the right size depending on application
"Set default view including page layout, initial zoom and page thumbnail
"Creating a document format PDF/A-1b, compatible with the standard ISO 19005-1
"Extract the contents of documents
"Scan directly to Word
"Convert scanned PDF files into well-formatted, editable Word document
"Editing the contents of a PDF document directly from the program