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Sante DICOM Editor is the essential "must have" complementary DICOM software, of a modern and up to date radiology laboratory. Even though a modern lab usually has all the appropriate tools to manage medical images from its modalities, physicians can come to a dead end when they receive images from previous examinations, different modalities or images from another manufacturer. Features that doctors are used to apply on their files like DICOM file editing, measurements, demographic anonymizing, video creation etc, sometimes cannot be applied on images captured from another source. In addition there is no way to manage images from their own lab when they are at home office or when they are using a portable device like a notebook. Sante DICOM Editor is a complete and powerful application that can manage DICOM files. Especially designed to bring all the capabilities of a commercial DICOM Workstation to the doctor's personal computer, can make all these features available for use to any DICOM file from any modality and manufacturer under a reasonable cost.
Sante DICOM Editor is essential not only to Radiologists but to any specialist that receives patient images from collaborating labs in DICOM format in everyday practice. Whether you are a radiologist, a radiological technologist, a radiology student or a medical imaging researcher, Sante DICOM Editor covers your needs.
Sante DICOM Editor is designed and implemented with the most advanced programming tools (Microsoft Visual C++ 2005) and is the result of research and development on DICOM imaging for the last decade. Furthermore, is the most powerful and complete DICOM Editor and DICOM Viewer that is now available from an independent manufacturer, illustrating the cutting-edge technology in this domain:
our software is the first one worldwide (and until now the only one) that can modify any one of the DICOM header's fields (transfer syntax UID, rows and columns, color depth, photometric interpretation etc.) and/or the pixel data, and creates a valid DICOM file which has the form and structure of the original file
our software is the first one worldwide (and until now the only one) that offers a complete anonymizing solution, because removes not only regular PN fields, but private PN fields and burned-in annotations as well, and keeps the original file's form and structure (G.E. and Philips bought copies of our software especially for this feature)
our software is the first one worldwide (and until now the only one) that can produce DICOM files from simple images (jpeg, tiff, png, etc.) which can have the form and structure of the original DICOM files of the large manufacturers (G.E., Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, etc.). This feature ensures that the new files are compatible with all major PACS systems and applications.
Free updates, maintenance and support
Our customers don't have to pay again and again for the same application every year, because our software is one time purchase and it is free of update/maintenance/support or hidden fees. Any new version is a free update for all previous version's users, and works with the same license key. Also, the licenses are "per user" and not "per machine". The user can install the software with the same user license key, in any computer he/she own (at work, at home office, in a laptop).
Price List
- Tax/VAT is included in the price.
- Updates (all next versions) are free for product's lifetime.
- Maintenance and support are free for product's lifetime.