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Download keygen for Sage ACT! Premium 2012 14.0.572.0

ACT! a convenient, easily cultivated contact management system with broad functionality and customization. In the main sections of the system includes: a basic contact management, management of interaction history and current events (supported by 3 types of events), sales management, management of mailing lists, email management (recommended integration with Outlook), an analysis of contacts and sales through a system of records, management of scarce access to data and interface.
ACT! recommended for use in small companies (classified as small businesses and not having a large range of goods) or in divisions (departments), companies (on average 5-7 concurrent users for one database volume 6000-8000 of contacts). ACT! well suited to companies that are just moving from paper-based or technology excel'evskih storage of customer information to companies that have not yet formed stringent requirements for the organization and processing of contact information. We also recommend this system to companies who need to quickly and inexpensively start to organize and analyze information about its customers.