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Download keygen for Kerio Connect 7.3.0 build 5623

Kerio Connect 7.3.0 build 5623
Today, Kerio Technologies Inc. announced the release of Kerio Connect 7.3 - the latest version of the server for messaging and collaboration that allows you to manage email, contacts and calendars in more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. Able to work with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, VMware and Parallels Server Kerio Connect can be used in almost any cloud or internal environment.
"Kerio Connect 7.3 is designed to meet the needs of messaging and ensure IT resources companies, which includes staff from 50 to 500 people," - said Scott Shrayman (Scott Schreiman), CEO of Kerio Technologies, - "We are considering how to Kerio Connect a great alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail to these organizations. "
Kerio Connect 7.3 enables enterprises all that is necessary to ensure the safety of business communication. This is not just a product that allows enterprise employees to work freely with their e-mail with any smartphone and any email program, it also allows users to choose where they prefer to store their mail.
New features in Kerio Connect 7.3:
Support for devices running iOS 5
New feature "configuration profile" allows you to quickly and easily configure the device with the iOS and get started with e-mail, contacts and calendars. In the case of the new iPhone 4S or iPad with the iOS 5, you can also use the new features calendaring, task synchronization and encryption.
Kerio Outlook Connector for 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook
Users who prefer to use as your email program and a program for working with calendars Microsoft Outlook, can confidently use the 64-bit versions of Outlook and Microsoft Office with the new application Kerio Outlook Connector.