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Download keygen for Avid Sibelius 7.1.3 WIN.MacOSX

Description :Sibelius - a professional music notation editor for writing, playing, printing and publishing music scores. As part of this product, you can create your own music CD and publish music online. Sibelius has an intuitive interface and huge number of features (choice of the 1,700 high-quality patterns, sounds, instrument parts, lyrics, etc.).
- Task-directional interface. The new user interface Sibelius 7 consists of task-focused tabs that lead you through the process of creating the songs from start to finish. Each function has a graphical icon and a text description, access to which you can get by pressing a button or shortcut key - with full context-sensitive help is available when you need it.
- Professional sound library. Sibelius 7 includes more than 38 GB expertly made content, including specially recorded symphony orchestra, rock and pop instruments, and much more. This exclusive content is available only in Sibelius 7.
- Full support for 64-bit architectures. Today, 64-bit hardware and operating systems provide big advantages in speed and memory use. Sibelius 7 is the world's first 64-bit MIDI editor, allowing you to unlock the full power of 64-bit system - and work more quickly, with more virtual instruments and effects, than ever before.
What's new in version 7.1.3?
Platform support
Sibelius 7.1.3 is supported on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Sibelius now has initial support the Retina Display found on the latest models of the Apple MacBook Pro. The score, all text in dialogs etc. are all drawn at the appropriate resolution for the Retina Display. All graphics on the ribbon, in Backstage (ie the File tab), and in the Quick Start window are also now also drawn at double the resolution for optimal appearance on the Retina Display. Only the Keypad, Mixer, Fretboard, Keyboard and Ideas windows do not currently support the Retina Display (though the small text on the Mixer is much clearer on the Retina Display).
Sibelius is now signed with an Apple Developer Certificate, which satisfies the requirement of the Gatekeeper system, under Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, that all applications must be signed with an Apple-approved certificate.
Sibelius's installer is now also signed with an Apple Developer Certificate.
Look and feel
Both the System ID and Activation ID of your copy of Sibelius are now displayed directly on the File> Help Backstage page, so you do not need to launch Avid License Control to find these important pieces of information.
Stability improvements
Sibelius no longer crashes if you quit the application when Use virtual instruments and effects is switched off in Audio Engine Options, accessed via Playback Devices.
Sibelius no longer crashes when exporting a MusicXML file when it encounters an explicit normal barline in the score.
Sibelius no longer crashes if you attempt to show the Inspector when no document is open.
Sibelius no longer crashes if you attempt to open another score when Sibelius is running in full screen mode and an empty document window is shown (Mac only).
Sibelius no longer crashes if you create any non-note object (eg a clef change, special barline etc.) At the end of the bar while using Note Input> Note Input> Re-input Pitches and then attempt to continue inputting notes.
Sibelius no longer crashes when you attempt to open a score from the blank document that appears when the Quick Start window is not shown at start-up (Windows only).
Sibelius no longer crashes after extended periods of use in which a lot of text objects (eg lyrics or chord symbols) are edited (Windows only).
Sibelius no longer crashes if you delete all the staves from the score when the note input caret is visible.
Sibelius no longer crashes or hangs when using the Get Score feature in File> Teaching> Classroom Control.
Clicking very close to the flashing cursor when the text editor is open in order to close the text editor no longer causes a crash.
Various other stability improvements.
Quick Start
Keyboard navigation in the Quick Start window has been improved, especially on the Recent and New Score pages. You can now type Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) to move the focus into the search box, then hit Tab to move the focus into the thumbnails pane, move around the pane with Tab and Shift-Tab, select the score with Space (to show the more information pane at the bottom of the thumbnails pane), and open the score with Return.
The Quick Start window is now correctly closed if it is shown when you open a score via the operating system (eg by double-clicking an icon in Windows Explorer or the Finder), just as it is hidden after you open a score via the Quick Start itself.
The colors used for mouse-over and highlight states for the thumbnails on the New Score and Recent pages in the Quick Start have been improved.
Some cosmetic problems with the way the search widget on the New Score and Recent pages is drawn have been fixed (Mac only).
Sibelius now maintains a maximum of 500 recent scores and other documents (except for those pinned in File> Recent, which are maintained in addition to the total of 500 scores), which prevents the performance of the application degrading during start-up and when opening the File> Recent Backstage page.
When Sibelius starts up and the Quick Start is not shown, the blank document that is created now respects the user's choice of default paper size (as set on the Files page of Preferences).
When printing to a PDF printer driver (eg Adobe Acrobat), Sibelius now produces PDF files with correctly embedded fonts, rather than rendering all glyphs as paths in the resulting PDF (Windows only).
A problem whereby the previously chosen printer was not always correctly restored when returning to the File> Print page during a Sibelius session has been fixed.
Sibelius no longer crashes when attempting to print to certain HP printers (Windows only).
Playback of attached video and audio files (via Play> Video> Add Video) is now synchronized much more accurately (Mac only). For optimal results, use uncompressed audio (eg AIFF or WAV rather than MP3) or video, since this allows the time position in the attached file to be returned and set with much greater accuracy.
Editing the mapping of an unpitched percussion staff type now correctly invalidates the playback routing, so that the percussion staff plays back correctly once you finish editing the staff type and return to the score.
Setting a manual repeat sequence in Play> Interpretation> Repeats no longer causes the bar numbering in the score to go wrong if Count repeats on the Bar Numbers page of Engraving Rules is switched off.
It is once again possible to type into the Wordbuilder text editor in the EastWest Play virtual instrument (64-bit, Mac only).
Exporting audio
Audio files exported from Sibelius no longer insert one beat's worth of silence at the start of the file before the first note is played.
Exporting MusicXML files
A problem whereby notes could have incorrect default-x values ??if the bar to which they belong contain a change of time or key signature has been fixed.
The export of chord symbols has been overhauled, and a wider range of the chord types understood by Sibelius are now exported in MusicXML. (Note that if you import such extended chord types into Finale, the resulting chord symbols in Finale may be considerably more verbose than the chord symbols in Sibelius, due to the way Finale represents these extended chord types.)
Hidden bar rests are now exported in MusicXML files.
Exporting PDF files
A problem whereby a slur that crosses a page break may incorrectly change direction on the second page when printing or exporting a PDF has been fixed.
When choosing All parts only (separate files) in File> Export> PDF, the full score is no longer incorrectly also exported.
Exporting a PDF file from a score that uses a raster font will no longer crash (Windows only).
Keyboard shortcuts
A problem whereby a keyboard shortcut assigned to the Chord symbols text style would stop working after the right-click context menu is invoked has been fixed.
Several duplicate key tips