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Download keygen for Crazy Bump 1.2

This was a crack i found for crazybump on the bay of pirates ^.^ This File includes crazybump 1.2 and a crack for it.Enjoy. This will work on both newly installed and pre-installed versions of the software.

Copy "cb_crack.exe" to your Crazy Bump directory which is usually (C:\Program Files (x86)\Crazybump) on 64-bit systems or (C:\Porgram Files\Crazybump) on 32-bit systems.

Run "cb_crack.exe" to start up your program, this will reset your trial every time you run it. (It is recomended to always use this to start crazybump) Optional: Right click on your shortcut of Crazybump on your desktop and choose properties. In the Target section change the ending only. It is currently "...\CrazyBump.exe"