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Download keygen for SinuTrain SINUMERIK Operate 4.4 Edition 2

SinuTrain - effective training of skilled engineers, programmers and operators to run on modern machines (lathes, milling machines, machining centers, etc.) with minimal effort. SinuTrain based on the standard software of CNC systems SINUMERIK, to standardize the process of learning it as close to the real machine tools.
In addition to learning how to program in the codes of ISO-7bit. SinuTrain allows for teaching programming in popular packages of workshop programming such as ShopMill and ShopTurn.
Preponderance of programming
The concept of the shop programming (Job Shop) is the ability to create a technology program for the CNC machine in the workshop or a small area directly on the machine. Typically, in this case, the operators do not have the skills of writing a program in G-code and work on the drawing. Comfortable desktop environment, work with the tools, support for the standard cycles for common turning and milling operations are all implemented in the concept of workshop programming Sinumerik.
ShopMill - is operating and programming for milling machines, machine control provides convenient and easy programming details.
ShopMill is a complete solution for CNC milling technology in the field of workshop programming. ShopMill can be used on vertical and universal milling machines with max. 12 axes (including rotary axes and spindles) in single-channel version.
ShopTurn - is operating and programming for lathes with one slide that allows for easy control of the machine and easy programming details.
ShopTurn is a comprehensive solution based on the control system for turning technology on the shop floor. Along with extensive cycle package ShopTurn offers many practical functions debugging (for example, the measurement of workpiece or tool) and data processing functions. ShopTurn can be used on lathes with a caliper with max. 12 axes (including spindles and rotary instruments) in the single-channel version.
System requirements:
Processor 2 GHz or higher
Min. 1 GB RAM
HDD - 3 GB full installation
Windows XP Pro SP3
MS Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32 - and 64-Bit)
Year: 2012
Version: 4.4 edition 2
Developer: Siemens
Language: English / Russian
Medicine: not required.