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Download keygen for DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.17

DefenseWall Personal Firewall - the world's first sandboxing-style personal firewall solution. Average users find it difficult to setup and use your typical firewall and security program. For most average users, program popups and questions are confusing. There is always the chance a user will make the wrong choice and allow malware to cause damage to their system. DefenseWall Personal Firewall is a different kind of security program. You won't even notice it's installed and providing the highest firewall and system protection. DefenseWall HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) is based on a sandboxing approach that uses rights restrictions and partial virtualization. It now comes with an integrated firewall. What this means in simple terms is that malicious files will not have the 'rights' to perform any unwanted changes to your system or be able to make any unwanted connections.
Malware stems from various sources such as internet browsers, usb flash drives, e-mail, multimedia clients, IM, IRC, P2P, and VoIP. All of these programs are automatically marked by DefenseWall HIPS as "untrusted". If malware attempts to install on your system via an "untrusted" program, DefenseWall's inbuilt restrictions (HIPS) will prevent your system from becoming infected. And if malware tries to steal your information such as financial and banking passwords through an "untrusted" program, the Personal Firewall component will stop malware cold from calling home.
And the best part is, DefenseWall protects you right out of the box. For more detailed information, see technical part below.
Try DefenseWall Personal Firewall today, and you will be convinced in its security and simplicity!
Why do I need HIPS if I already have an anti-virus and firewall?
Firewalls control your network activity, antivirus protects you only from known malicious modules. But their writers modify those modules so quickly, that anti-viruses are unable to detect them untill you will be infected with it. That is why you need a HIPS solution- it protects you from all types of malicious software (malware), known and unknown, with no signatures need, proactive way.
Technical section:
In the "trusted/untrusted" terms, Inbound Firewall protection of DefenseWall works as follows: it considers a listening port of a trusted process as a potential source of attack and therefore blocks it. Only "untrusted" processes are allowed to be connected outside. In case of an inbound attack, an attacker is routed to the sandbox. In the corporate environment, DefenseWall automatically opens ports 445, 136, 137, 138, and 139. However, the untrusted processes can't connect to these ports. All of this minimizes potential harm from the malicous code being spread by exploits. If you have a HTTP/FTP/SMTP/proxy server, they should be added to the untrusted applications list as a potential source for vulnerability exploitation and thus a source of infection.
* No learning modes (as seen with firewall and HIPS programs).
* Mininimal popups.
* Compatible with third-party security software and programs.
* No need to configure ports and sockets.
* No application checksum re-calculations.