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Download keygen for GreyscaleGorilla CityKit for Cinema 4D 1.2

Hi there! My name is Nick Campbell. I currently live in Chicago and
work as a motion designer, photographer, iPhone app designer and
educator. I have worked for over 6 years in the motion design
industry, most recently at Digital Kitchen where I worked on Dexter,
Target, Blackberry, and most recently for the Tonight Show with Conan
O�brien. This blog was started to help creatives and creators make
cool shit. I post tutorials about my process as well as links to
ideas, news, and inspiration. The idea behind the blog is �As I
learn it, so do you�.
Optimized modeling and texturing for great looking cities and the
fast renders. Add your own buildings to the rig. Customize the city
including size, height, colors, windows, and lights to fit your
project. Use the "Custom Areas" to add your own special buildings or
objects into the scene.
- Day Time and Night Time Themed City Rigs
- New City Shape Rigs and Presets. Put a city on any shape.
- Day and Night Lighting Presets help create great looking cities
- 10 Ready-to-Render City Presets to get a head start on your next
- Two hours of training and tutorials to get the most out of City