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Download keygen for Reallusion popVideo Converter 2.02.1306.2

Letitbit & Filesonic
No longer does it take an hour with expensive software to Chromakey
your videos. With popVideo Converter just import your green/blue
screen videos and click on the 'One-Click Chromakey' button to
instantly remove the background! Reallusion's popVideo Converter turns
any green/blue screen video or image sequence into an encoded video
with a transparent background. The intelligent Auto-Chromakey button
simplifies the background removal process allowing more users to enjoy
the power of green/blue screen production and bring any virtual host
for video production or business presentation.
Intuitive User Interface Design
• popVideo Converter's essential design provides you with 3
different video perspectives for review. Users will be able to review
the Source video, Mask video and Transparent Video (popVideo).
• For those unintentional video positions, popVideo Converter will
help you rotate your source video in order to match your correct
• Dynamic sequence check:
- Arrow keys for frame by frame review
- Time Range specifier + loop command
• Zoom in/out functions to verify detailed chromakey results
Intelligent Video Chromakeying
• Select Key Types: Green or Blue
• High tolerance for far from perfect video shooting environments.
• With Color Similarity, you can change the mask color value to
increase or decrease the masked area.
• The Edge Restoration function will allow you greater flexibility
to correct mask tearing and reflective color tints.
• The Mask Blur function enhances your edge quality and brings you
a smoother, cleaner finish.
• Brush-based removal tools help you block out any unwanted areas
in your video segments.
Mask with Video or Image Sequence
• Bring in external masked videos or image sequences with
separated alpha channels, to further enhance your projects
• Import other mask files to give a custom shape and feeling to
your popVideos.
Output Options & Applications
• You can crop your video's region to save memory space and also
customize your final output size.
• For 3D Virtual Studio. Choose the .popVideo format and ensure
synced playback in one complete video file for high resolution iClone
3D video compositing. Later, just drop your video in iClone and you
have a real-life actor in your 3D productions!
• For Web & Desktop. You can also output in .iWidget format to
produce synced playback files for creating WEB or desktop flash
pop-ups in WidgetCast. Create professional looking pop-ups to
automatically increase your website's online traffic.
• For Video Production. Create your Alpha Video (.AVI mask output)
for use with any other Video Editors- Final Cut, Premiere, After
Effects, Sony Vegas, Camtasia Studio, etc... popVideo Converter allows
you to output in popular AVI format for you to further enhance your
projects with other third-party software.