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Download keygen for 18 Wheels of Steel Across America FLT soul

18 Wheels of Steel Across America FLT (Full ISO/2003)
Genre : Truck Racing
The fourth game in the Hard Truck series features you as a trucker
who is building his business to an empire. A true trucking simulation
in which you can control up to 15 different trucks travelling up to
80mph. You haul from over 30+ different type of products across 1000
miles of highways from the 48 continuous states. The game comes with
prebuilt scenarios and a free mode in which you must build up your
trucking empire. Gameplay is very realistic as you travel through many
highways and inner city roads transporting your goods, while trying to
avoid accidents and paying caution to weather, traffic and the police.
Its a true lifelike driving experience in which you have to watch
your fuel tank, damage, turn on headlights during the night, and even
avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Game maps are huge and simulate
many different major and inner highways across the U.S. Also, while
driving you see major sites, like seeing the Golden Gate bridge as you
travel in California, or the bright lights of Vegas. Plus you can add
your own driving music to the jukebox. At the Game Map, youll see the
cities of the US. Plus you will see the highways.
Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 3, Windows XP, 256MB RAM