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Download keygen for Making History 2: The War of the World

_Genre: Historic Turn-Based Strategy_
The new global strategy for the Second World War provides players
the opportunity to completely change the course of the large-scale
armed conflict in human history.
Of other policies on this historical period, �Making History II:
The other war," a distinctive attention to detail - carefully modeled
the economic, demographic and political processes have a significant
impact on the course of the game and allow the party to radically
alter the world order. In creating the game involved a famous British
historian Neil Fergusson. His scientific theories about the causes and
preconditions of the Second World War were reflected in the principles
of mechanics of the game Making History II.
* Play any nation on a beautifully rendered 3D world map.
* Control hundreds of different land, sea and air units that
represent historic vehicles and weapons used by major and minor powers
of the era.
* Research an array of weapon systems and tactical improvements that
allow upgrades for existing forces and structures to match advancing
* Fly bombing missions against industrial and military targets or
establish air patrols over enemy regions.
* Manage an extensive economic system covering production of
resources, domestic food consumption, and international trade.
* Initiate infrastructure projects that modernize your nation and
expand your economic potential.
* Construct factories and research facilities that increase the
power of your nation or sabotage and destroy the buildings controlled
by your enemies.
* Battle an intelligent AI that instigates, reacts and adapts to the
changing game dynamics, generating action on the home front and
* Encounter unique nations, each with their own characteristics that
influence behavior.
* Discover diverse populations divided by culture, ethnicity,
religion and political ideology; factors that destabilize nations,
provoking revolts, coups and civil wars.
* Develop your colonies, liberate captured nations, establish puppet
states or annex enemy territories.
* Engage in espionage and interfere in the internal affairs of your