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Genre: puzzle[/B]
Max is a young boy, and like most boys he loves to draw. One day he
gets a mysterious marker in the mail. There is no letter attached –
only the plain orange marker. Max decides to test it right away, sits
down and starts drawing. He draws a monster but as soon as he finishes
the lines on the paper start moving and to Max’s great surprise the
monster runs off the paper and into another drawing. Stunned Max now
sees how the Monster messes around with his drawings. Max realizes
that he has to stop the monster. So he draws himself on the same
drawing that the monster is in and immediately finds himself inside
the drawing. The game begins.
* 15 inventive and puzzling levels
* Unique drawing control in a truly dynamic physics environment
* 3 beautiful worlds inspired by childrens drawings
* Death traps, monsters, and challenging puzzles
* Unlockable challenges, secrets and rewards
* Original and awesome soundtrack by Analogik
System requirements:[/B]
* Windows XP/Vista/7
* DirectX 9c
* 1.6 GHz
* 512 MB RAM