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About The MathWorks, Inc.
Founded in 1984, MathWorks specializes in software development in
the field of numerical computing, simulation and computer-aided
design. With a network of offices around the world and collaborating
with leading software companies, MathWorks constantly expanding their
field of specialization and releases new enhanced versions of
products. About one million engineers and scientists around the world
use software MathWorks. The company's products are used by leading
technology and financial organizations, research institutes and
educational institutions. MathWorks software is aimed at solving
various engineering problems and accelerates the creation and
implementation of innovative technologies for scientific research in
fields such as medicine, ecology, aviatehnologiya, energy, education,
etc. In recent years, MathWorks software is used extensively in the
field of genetic engineering, designing economic models and analysis
of their stability under extreme conditions, testing technologies,
diagnostics and scientific forecasting. The company's program to help
develop effective and safe application, and powerful control system.
About Mathworks Matlab
MathWorks MATLAB is a high-level language for technical computing,
interactive development environment algorithms, and modern tools of
data analysis. MathWorks MATLAB compared to traditional programming
languages ??(C / C + +, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) allows an order to
reduce the solution time for common tasks and simplifies the
development of new algorithms.
MATLAB as a programming language was developed Moulerom Cleve (Cleve
Moler) in the late 1970's, when he was dean of the Faculty of Computer
Science at the University of New Mexico. The purpose of development is
the problem to give students the faculty the opportunity to use
software libraries Linpack and EISPACK without having to learn
Fortran. Soon a new language has spread to other universities and was
greeted with great interest to scientists working in the field of
applied mathematics. Until now, the Internet can find a version in
1982, written in Fortran, is open-source software. Engineer John
Little (born John N. (Jack) Little) met with the language during the
visit of Clive Moulera Stanford University in 1983. Realizing that new
language has great commercial potential, he teamed up with Clive
Moulerom and Steve Bangert (Steve Bangert). Together, they rewrote
MATLAB in C and founded in 1984 from The MathWorks for further
development. These re-written in C libraries have long been known by
the name JACKPAC. MATLAB was originally intended for the design of
control systems (main specialty of John Little), but quickly gained
popularity in many other scientific and engineering fields. It is also
widely used in education, in particular for the teaching of linear
algebra and numerical methods. Language MATLAB is a high-level
interpreted programming language, including the matrix structure based
on the data, a wide range of functions, integrated development
environment, object-oriented features and interfaces to programs
written in other programming languages.
Programs written in MATLAB, are of two types - functions and
scripts. Functions have input and output arguments, as well as your
own work space for storing intermediate results of calculations and
variables. Scripts also use a common workspace. As scripts and
functions are not compiled to native code and saved as text files.
There is also an option to save the so-called pre-parsed programs -
roles and scripts that are processed into a form suitable for machine
execution. In general, such programs run faster than usual, especially
if the function contains commands for plotting. The main feature of
the MATLAB language is its opportunities for working with matrices,
which are the creators of the language expressed in the slogan "Think
vector´┐Ż (Think vectorized). MathWorks MATLAB is the foundation of
the entire family of products and MathWorks is the main tool for
solving a wide range of scientific and applied problems in areas such
as: modeling facilities and development of management systems, design
of communication systems, signal and image processing, measurement
signals and testing, financial modeling , computational biology, and