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Download keygen for Garmin City Navigator North America NT

3D & JCV files
Make sure you have the newest frimware from garmin use the Garmin
webupdater found here
The gmapsupp.img is the same as gmapprom.img just rename it
OK the other two files gmap3d.img is a 3Dmap you may not need them
This is the unlocked image for Garmin units. Simply replace the .img
file on the Garmin GPS unit
Travel North America 2012.10
With more than 6 million points of interest and road coverage for
U.S., Canada and Mexico, City Navigator North America NT gives you
everything you need to travel North America. Powered by NAVTEQ, a
world leader in premium-quality digital map data, City Navigator
brings you the most detailed street maps available so you can navigate
with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection.
(Unlocked IMG Instructions)
Use either Part A or Part B depending on your choice:
Part A � Internal Memory
1. Connect your device to the computer.
2. Go into the Nuvi files and backup the file named
�gmapprom.img� to your computer.
3. Delete the �gmapprom.img� file from the device.
into the device.
5. Restart your device and check your map info via :
Tools>Settings>Map>Map Info.
Part B � SD Card
1. Get a 2GB SD card (NOT SDHC) and format it FAT or FAT32 note
(SDHC) will work on newer GPS only
2. Create a folder on the memory card called �Garmin�
4. Make sure the IMG file is named �gmapsupp.img� on the SD
5. Insert the SD card into your ?Garmin GPS, and browse to your map
information on your ?Garmin GPS and you should see the new maps
selected. This can be found on the device via : Tools>Settings>Map>Map
Info. (Note: The SD card must remain in your device if you want to use
the maps.)