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Download keygen for DigitalAnarchy ToonIt 2.6.1

How the toon'ing works.
ToonIt! allows photographers and designers to quickly create the
effect on a wide variety of images without time consuming
experimentation and masking. The plugin analyses an image, then
reduces its color palette and detects where the important edges are.
The edges are used to shape and control areas of color. ToonIt!�s
edges can be rendered to produce a Pen & Ink look or stylized in more
non-traditional ways.
Smple yet sophisticated cartoons.
You can easily create a number of sophisticated looks including Flat
Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Comic, and Pen & Ink using the 12 different
algorithms and dozens of controls. All of the looks are customizable.
With 50+ parameters available to adjust the plugin results, there are
many possible approaches to get the best result for different types of
Cartoon a photo series or graphic novel!
A series of what? Well, anything. Take multiple images of your
family member and create a portrait series. Put different action moves
together and make a photo album of your child for your mom. Offer a
comic book or graphic novel as a specialty treatment for a client...
or just make one for your mom.
ToonIt! Photo is an Adobe Photoshop cartoon effects plugin that
gives you the ability to turn still images and photographs into unique
cartoon creations. ToonIt! Photo will get your creative juices flowing
�cause everyone looks better as a cartoon! Here are three great
things to know about this Adobe Photoshop cartoon plugin.
Cool features of ToonIt! Photo
1- No hand masking or rotoscoping.
2- Preserve details in faces & figures.
3- Outlines in many flavors.
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