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Download keygen for Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use on CD- ROM

This new edition is designed to be flexible. The book is available
both with and without answers making it ideal for use in the classroom
or for self-study. The with answers version of the book is also
available packaged with a brand new CD-ROM.
Key Features:
- 100 units of grammar reference and practice materials for advanced
level learners of English, including seven completely new units.
- New Additional Exercises, appendices and coverage more
specifically aimed at the advanced learner.
- A Grammar Review section which allows learners to review relevant
information before starting the more advanced material in the unit.
- An ideal grammar book for students preparing for Cambridge
Advanced Examination in English, Cambridge Proficiency in English or
IELTS examinations.
- Informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure all the
language taught is authentic and up-to-date.
In addition, the CD lets you:
- Listen to sound recordings of all the exercises
- Record and listen to your own pronunciation
- Track your progress during each session
- Create your own exercises and practice tests
- Find the definition of a word you dont know by clicking on it
1. Cambridge. English Grammar in Use-Reference and Practice for
Intermediate Students of English (R. Murphy & R. Altman). pdf
2. Cambridge. Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises (H.
Naylor & R. Murphy). pdf
3. Longman. Basic English Grammar (2nd Ed) (Betty Azar). pdf
4. Longman. English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students (L.
Alexander). pdf
Platform: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
Language: English Only
Format: ISO + PDF