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Download keygen for Pipe Mania

Most people particularly the crowd that would gravitate toward
something like Pipe Mania have played games like this before. The
explosion in popularity of casual games and portal web sites has meant
that the familiar Pipe Dream esque gameplay idea of laying pipe (hey,
quit snickering) to guide the flow of stuff from one end of the level
to the other isnt new. The way Pipe Mania does it, though, is new at
least in the sense that they wanted to wrap a story and some side
modes around the familiar gameplay.
See, Alfonso Sr. decked out in familiar plumbers garb and
inexplicably sporting a cockney esque accent not far removed from
Michael Canes turn as Alfred in the new Batman movies is apparently
good at his job (good enough to buy himself his own island, anyway).
He wants to hand the bidnizz off to his kids, though, which is a
problem because of what he calls Cowboy Plumbers, one of which is
particularly bad, so he sends the kids off to tackle the islands
resident bad guys first to give them some experience.
Okay, so its not much of a story really just there to lend context
to a bunch of characters and their resulting special attacks (which
Ill get to in a second), and to give the game a reason for having a
bunch of different environments like a train yard and internet
facilities, but theyre honestly just different skins for the main
gameplay; the pieces are more or less the same (though the game does
do a good job of constantly introducing new mechanics), which is to
say youll be spending plenty of time building snaking lines all over
the gridded levels, trying to build faster than the slime (sorry,
Flooze) can flow through the pipes.
1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy over the cracked content located in the /Crack dir on the
disc to your installation_exe directory.
5. Play the game.